Our History

At DOLMIO® we are passionate about food. Since we first crafted our tasty Bolognese sauce in 1985 to bring Aussie families together over the dinner table, we have understood that meals shared with family and friends are cherished moments. Now, more than 3 decades later, we are bringing families together all over the world with our signature sauces. Because of this, we select only the finest quality ingredients for all our product to provide the best taste and quality.

We've come a long way since the 80's when you could find Alora (later Dolmio) Spaghetti Bolognese on the shelves. In 1989, we changed our name to Dolmio and introduced a range of traditional sauces, followed by the launch of Dolmio chunky sauces. Later in 2003, Australia was introduced to the Dolmio puppets who have been helping Australians Wear The Dolmio Grin for over 16 years!

The Italian inspired Dolmio flavours can be enjoyed today through our range of tomato, creamy, lasagne and pasta bake sauces. Dolmio uses a natural process to create an authentic Italian flavour for the whole family to come together and enjoy.

Who we are

Dolmio brings millions of families in homes around the world together by giving them the perfect opportunity to enjoy their mealtimes around the table. Dolmio is the spark that brings people together. The spark that gets the conversations going and the laughter flowing.

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